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Zierco Waterboy Products

Zierco Waterboy in Oak Creek offers several high pressure overhead boom products that are useful for car wash applications and more.

Model 203

Developed in 1963, the Model 203 is the workhorse of the Zierden product line. It contains a sealed cartridge #104A which allows the boom to rotate freely. Made with corrosion resistant materials, it features a twin O-ring sealing system. The 104A is a factory repairable cartridge and it comes with a new cartridge warranty upon repair. A field repairable cartridge #107C is an option. The 203 boom is the least expensive unit, offering years of service to carwash owners who are budget conscious. See the photos below to view this unit and click on the button to view pricing information.

Assembly & Mounting Illustrations/Instructions


Model 204

This high pressure boom model was developed in the early 1980s for maintenance men looking for an overhead boom that was easy to service. With all the unique Zierco features of the 203, it can be repaired without the use of hand tools. It only takes four steps to replace the seal. See photos of the Model 204 below and click on the button for pricing and assembly information.

Assembly & Mounting Illustrations/Instructions


Model 206

The Model 206 from Zierco Waterboy is identical to the Model 204 design, but features an offset aluminum boom arm for twin installation. This product can be installed in a central overhead location with a minimal 3-foot distance between them. One boom utilizes the foaming brush and the other the high pressure wand. Browse the product photos below and click on the button to view pricing information and assembly information.

Assembly & Mounting Illustrations/Instructions


Conversion Kit 204B

The conversion kit was developed for owners wishing for an economical way to convert their Model 203 to a 204. Once converted, the Model 204 would be repairable without tools. See the photos below for more information and click on the button to view the additional details.

Assembly Illustrations / Instructions

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